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How do I add Essential Time to my timesheet?

If you are designated as an “Essential” employee and are required to report to work during a University closure you need to note the time worked during the closure as Essential Time in EmpCenter to ensure you are paid properly

  1. After recording your hours for the day as normal (clocking, work in/out, regular hours), access your timesheet and add a row to the day you need to add Essential Time by clicking on the green plus sign:

    arrow pointing to add a row button on timesheet
  2. Select Essential Time from the Pay Code drop down list:

    pay code drop down list showing essential time
  3. Enter the number of hours worked (only include worked time – do not include your meal break) during the closure and enter comments explaining the hours:

    hours and comments entered for essential time pay code

    Note: essential time is not considered overtime and cannot be converted to comp time.
  4. Save your timesheet: 

    timesheet saved showing hours and comments and red level exception for essential time

Note: you will see a red-level exception.  After you submit your timesheet for the pay period, your supervisor will review the hours for appropriateness and approve the time if it is correct.  If your supervisor determines that any of the hours are not eligible for Essential Time, they will reduce the hours as appropriate and explain the changes in the Comments column or Timesheet Comments.  The exception will remain until the business center reviews the hours to ensure you are paid correctly.

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