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I clocked in instead of out for the day. How do I fix my timesheet?

Essential Employees - Record Essential Time for Campus Closures

Reminder: if you are an essential classified employee and required to work on campus/other closed facilities during the closure, enter Essential Time in addition to your worked hours. See the Essential Time FAQ for more details.

See the OSU Alerts page for more information about the closure.

See the announcement for more information about recording hours for all other employees.

If you clock in instead of out for the day (or out instead of in for the day and out at the end of the day), EmpCenter will generate two clock rows with missing out times:

clocked in instead of out for the day generates red level error not paid exceptions for missing out time on both rows on the timesheet

To correct the error, first enter the out time in the row with your actual start time:

enter out time in clock row with actual in time

Next, enter the same time in the out field of the additional clock row:

enter same out time on additional clock row

Save your changes to update your work time for the day and zero out the additional clock row:

additional clock row zeroed out and time corrected for the day

Note: you will see a yellow (warning level) exception for the day.  The exception is just noting that the clocked time has been changed.

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