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I forgot to clock out yesterday and selected out instead of in when I clocked this morning. How do I fix my timesheet?

If you forgot to clock out the previous day and select out instead of in when you clock the next day, EmpCenter will assume your shift crossed over midnight:

missed out clock then clocked out instead of in the next day

If you try to change the out time for the previous day to the time you actually left without removing the + sign, you will generate a more than 24 hours reported error:

with the + sign still on the out field the system assumes you worked more than 24 hours in a day and generates an error

To fix the error, click into the out time field for the day that you missed clocking out, type + then enter the time you left.  When you save your changes the error will be cleared:

plus sign removed from the out field and changes save to correct out time


Note: a similar issue can occur if a - sign is on one of the clock rows (indicating the shift started or ended the previous day).  The solution is the same: click in the field and type the - sign to remove it, make any changes needed, then save your changes.

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