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November 18th 10am Deadline for Hourly Timesheet Approvals

November payday is Wednesday, 11/27 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Because of this earlier payday date and the additional processing that needs to be completed for the recent classified contract changes, the November deadline for hourly timesheet approvals has been changed to 10am Monday, November 18th.

You are able to approve timesheets earlier than Monday, however, please note that the last working day of the pay period is Friday, November 15th.  Please be sure to allow employees enough time to enter any hours worked on the 15th.

What if I will be out of the office during the approval time frame?

If you will be out of the office, please delegate your employees’ timesheets to another supervisor.  This FAQ has instructions on how to complete the delegation process:


What if my employee does not submit their timesheet before the approval deadline?

You can approve the timesheet in EmpCenter even if your employee has not submitted it.  As the supervisor, you are responsible for knowing the hours your employee worked.

What happens if I miss the approval deadline?

If you miss the deadline, please check your employee timesheets to ensure the hours worked are correct.  If the hours are not correct, please work with your business center to get the time corrected.  If the hours are correct, you will be able to indicate your approval of the time using the DocuSign process for unapproved timesheets.  More information about that process can be found here:


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