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EmpCenter Unavailable Sunday, February 1st 12am-4am

EmpCenter will be unavailable starting at midnight on Sunday, February 1st for the vendor to complete system maintenance. It is expected to be back up by 4am.

There will be no access to EmpCenter during the maintenance period. Any reports that are scheduled to run during the down time will not process – you will need to run them manually once EmpCenter is back up. However, data terminals (physical time clocks) will still accept swipes and will send the data to EmpCenter once it returns to service.

Do you need some last minute help before you approve April timesheets in EmpCenter?  Do you have questions about your employees that started using EmpCenter on May 1st? 

Come to the Supervisor Open Labs on Monday, May 6th, to get additional assistance.  There is no set agenda for the open labs, please stop by at your convenience.  See below for times and locations.





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