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What are the pay codes for Classified Salaried Exempt employees?

Pay codes are the types of pay you are earning (work, on-call, stand-by) or using (vacation, sick, comp) for the hours entered on the timesheet. 

The pay codes you see are determined by your policy profile in EmpCenter.  Some of the pay codes are also limited to certain job types.  Below are the pay codes and definition for the Classified Salaried Exempt policy profile.  Note: the pay codes below are in alphabetical order; the order on the timesheet is by most common first.

Pay Code



Paid leave taken for death in the immediate family to attend a funeral or other customary obligations.  If entered directly on the timesheet, comments are required.  Limited to 4 days (hours based on FTE) per instance.

Call Back Pay

Hours worked when called back after being released from duty.  Call back pay is considered penalty pay and is paid at time and a half no matter how many hours the employee worked for the week so it is not counted toward total hours for the week and cannot be converted to comp time.


Leave taken from the Comp Time leave bank.

Essential Time Hours REQUIRED to work during an official University closure for employees designated "Essential".


Leave taken from the Exchange Time leave bank.


Leave taken from the Furlough leave bank.  Not a valid pay code after June 30, 2013.

Hardship Leave Leave taken from the Hardship (donated) leave bank.  Must be used with an approved protected leave case.


Used when changing holiday hours from observed day to actual day.

Holiday Normal Day Off

Used when the observed holiday falls on your normal day off.  Will automatically add hours to your Comp Time leave bank.

Holiday Override

If the actual holiday (different from observed) falls on a regularly schedule work day, used to move the holiday hours from the observed holiday to the actual holiday.  Also used to remove holiday hours when observed holiday falls on normal day off.

Holiday Work Comp Requested

Used to request Comp Time for any hours worked on an observed holiday.

Jury Duty

Paid leave used for Jury Duty as defined by the collective bargaining agreement.  If entered directly on the timesheet comments are required.


Leave Without Pay.  Used when all available leave has been exhausted.


Leave taken for Military time off as defined in the collective bargaining agreement.  If entered directly on the timesheet, comments are required.

On Call Pay

Hours on call for work as defined by the collective bargaining agreement.


Leave taken from the Personal leave bank.

Regular Hours

Used to record worked hours for the day.

Retirement Leave

Paid leave taken for Retirement planning.  If entered directly on the timesheet, comments are required.


Leave taken from the Sick leave bank.

Special Day

Leave that can be used the day before or after Christmas or before or after New Year’s Day as defined in the collective bargaining agreement.

Steward Hours

Used to record hours spent on union steward duties.  Does not add to worked hours for the pay period.


Leave taken from the Vacation leave bank.

In addition, all leave pay codes also have a “-Pre-Approved” (i.e., Vacation – Pre-Approved, Jury Duty – Pre-Approved) version that will display on the timesheet when the Time Off Request process is used to request the leave.

For additional details on Holiday pay, see the Holiday Guide on the EmpCenter Training page.

For more information on the use of leave, see https://hr.oregonstate.edu/benefits/current-employees/time-holidays-protected-leaves.

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