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How do I configure the Exceptions box on the Supervisor/Business Center Dashboard?

The Exceptions box is a new feature of EmpCenter 16.2 and displays on the supervisor and business center dashboard.  You will see exceptions listed for all employees you have access to in your role.

exception box on the supervisor/business center dashboard in EmpCenter 16.2

The Exceptions box on the Supervisor Dashboard shows all exceptions on the timesheet for the current open pay periods for all of your employees (including any employees delegated to you).  You can limit what you see in the box by using the filters at the top right:

exception box filters check boxes next to pins and gear icon

The check boxes next to the colored pins will display (checked) or exclude (unchecked) all exceptions for that level of exception:

  • Red pin (error level) exceptions must be corrected before the end of the pay period by the employee or the supervisor.
  • Yellow pin (warning level) exceptions may or may not need to be corrected.
  • White pin (informational level) exceptions are informational only and do not need to be corrected.

For a complete list of exceptions – including severity level – see the Exceptions listing for Exceptions Report.

The Gear Icon opens the settings window where you can select the assignments and exceptions that display.  You can also choose to include the assignment descriptions to show next to the employee name and to sort by date or by assignment.

configure home page exceptions box

Click Save to save your changes and update the Exceptions box:

exception box updated with assignment name, show by date, and only show error level exceptions

Note: clicking on the exception will open the employee timesheet in a new window.  You can make any changes needed to update the timesheet and clear the exception.  See the Edit Employee Time FAQ for more information about editing an employee timesheet.

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