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How do I create a time off request for my employee?

1. From the supervisor dashboard, click on Review Time Off Requests:

supervisor dashboard with the review time off request link highlighted

2. On the Time Off Review Summary page, click Create New Request for Employee:

create new request for employee button highlighted on the time off review page

3. Enter the employee's name or some portion of their name (use the * as a wildcard if needed) then click Search:

find box with portion of employee's name in search field and search button highlighted

4. Select the employee you are creating the request for by clicking on their name:

search results with employee's name highlighted

5. Enter the time off request details, including pay code, start and end dates, and comments if needed then click Next:

create request details filled out with next button highlighted

Note: for instructions on entering the time off request details, see the create request FAQ.

6. On the request details page, click Submit to send the request to your queue for approval:

time off request details with submit button highlighted

7. You'll receive confirmation that the request was successfully submitted.  Click OK to return to the Pending Requests page:

request successfully submitted confirmation with ok button highlighted

The request will show up on the time off request list for your review.  See the Approve Time Off FAQ for more information. 


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