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How do I delete a clock row?

Clock rows cannot be deleted, but they can be zeroed out.  To zero out the clock row, in the hours column enter the same time into the in field (top row) and out field (bottom row) then save your changes - make sure the times entered do not overlap with your work time for the day: 

clock row hours column highlighted

Note: you can zero out a clock row that has time in the in field and the out field; type over one of the times so the same time is listed in both the in field and the out field for the row. 

Once you save, the total column will show 0.00 hours for the clock row.

clock row zeroed out total column shows zero hours

EmpCenter will also make a note of the change with a yellow level exception.  You do not need to do anything to correct this exception. 

Please note: Work In/Out rows are not the same as clock.  Work In/Out can be deleted.  See the Add/Delete Rows FAQ for instructions.

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