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How do I enter time on the timesheet as a Grad Student?

Essential Employees - Record Essential Time for Campus Closures

Reminder: if you are an essential classified employee and required to work on campus/other closed facilities during the closure, enter Essential Time in addition to your worked hours. See the Essential Time FAQ for more details.

See the OSU Alerts page for more information about the closure.

See the announcement for more information about recording hours for all other employees.

Grad students enter substitute hours worked directly on the timesheet and sick leave taken if the time off request process was not used.

1. Access your timesheet by clicking on My Timesheet on the Employee Dashboard:

my timesheet link on the employee dashboard

2. Select the day you need to enter time for; the Pay Code field will be highlighted:

select day on the timesheet to enter hours

3. Select the pay code from the Pay Code drop down list:

click on the arrow in the pay code column to see the pay code drop down list and select a pay code for the day

4. Enter the elapsed time in the Hours column:

sub hours worked selected=

Note: Grad Sick Leave and Oregon Sick Leave must be entered in whole hour increments (e.g., 1, 2, 8):

grad sick leave selected=

For Sub Hours, you must enter information in the comments field that includes the person you were subbing for and the index they work on – if you are unsure of the index, please work with your supervisor to find the information:

comments are always needed for sub hours worked

You will receive a red exception (error) if you try to save your timesheet without entering comments for Sub Hours or if you enter anything other than whole hours for Grad Sick Leave or Oregon Sick Leave.

5. Click Save at the top of the timesheet to save your changes:

save button at top of timesheet to save changes

You’ll receive confirmation that your changes have been saved:

data saved confirmation at the top of the timesheet

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