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How do I access the system?

Personal Leave and Exchange Time

Personal Leave and Exchange Time banks will clear at the end of June.  You have through June 30th to use any leave you still have.  See the Personal Leave FAQ and the Exchange Time FAQ for more details. 

To access EmpCenter, click on Login to EmpCenter at http://mytime.oregonstate.edu/

MyTime EmpCenter Login button

At the EmpCenter login page, login with your ONID username and password:

EmpCenter Log In Page



If you need help with your ONID, visit http://onid.oregonstate.edu/.


Please note, if your login screen looks like the screenshot below, you have been directed to the mobile version of EmpCenter and you will not be able to log in:


login screen for mobile version of EmpCenter


Use the log in at http://mytime.oregonstate.edu/ to access the desktop version of EmpCenter.

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