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How do I approve or reject employee time off requests?

  1. Access the employee’s request either from the Dashboard, the Time Off Review Summary page, or the link in the email:employee time off request on the supervisor dashboard time off review summary page link to employee time off request
  2. Note: click on the Review Time Off Requests link on the Dashboard to access the Time Off Review Summary page shown above.

    time off request email link to access employee request in EmpCenter

  3. On the Time Off Approval page, you’ll see the dates, pay codes (leave type) selected, and hours for the time off request:employee time off approval page showing dates of request hours and leave type
  4. You can view additional details about the request from the box at the top right.

    The Exceptions tab will list exceptions (if any) associated with the request:exception messages box showing any exceptions assiciated with the request

    The Workflow tab lists all action that has been taken on the time off request:workflow tab on the time off review page showing all actions on the time off request

    The Bank Usage tab will list all of the employee’s bank balances and usage for the dates selected; the bank or banks being used for the request will be bold:bank usage to check how much time the employee has available

  5. Once you have reviewed the request, select an option at the top of the page:approve and reject buttons at the top of the time off review page
  6. To approve the request, select Approve Request. The Manager Comments box will pop up.  Add any comments, if needed, then click Approve Request:
    approve requests comment box with comments and approve request button

    To reject the request, select Reject Request.  The Manager Comments box will pop up.  Add comments so the employee knows why the request was rejected then click Reject Request:

    manager comments box with comments and reject request button

  7. You’ll receive confirmation that the request was approve or rejected.  Click OK to return to the Time Off Review Summary page:
    request successfully approved or rejected status box with ok button

Note: the employee will receive an email notification from EmpCenter that the request has been approved or rejected.

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