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How do I assign employees permanent or temporary schedule templates?

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EmpCenter has a rudimentary scheduling component that allows for assigning a limited number of schedule templates to employees. The functionality may not meet all of your scheduling needs and only affects Classified employees’ timesheets and hours.

Schedules are not required for any employee, however, supervisors can assign schedules on a permanent or temporary basis. Permanent schedule templates are typically used to adjust the automatic meal for Classified Salaried Non-exempt and Classified Hourly employees. Temporary schedules can be used to change meals or set hours for an employee or group of employees for a pay period or portion of a pay period.

Schedule Templates

An EmpCenter administrator creates schedule templates that are available to all supervisors. There are a limited number of schedule templates available. You can assign the schedule templates permanently or temporarily to your employees.

Assign Schedule Templates – Permanent Changes

Note: the process for assigning schedule cycles, assigning a temporary schedule, or changing an assigned schedule template is the same as the steps outlined below.

  1. Select Assign Schedules on the Dashboard under Schedules to access the templates:
    assign schedules link on the supervisor dashboard
  2. Select Assign Schedule Templates under Permanent Changes on the Schedule Maintenance window:assign schedule template link on the assign schedules page

    Choose an Action Options:

    Permanent Changes - the employee will remain on the schedule until you change it.

    - Assign Schedule Cycles: allows you to assign a permanent schedule cycle (i.e., week 1 employee works M-F 8am-5pm, week 2 employee works Tu-Sa 10am-7pm, week 3 cycles back to week 1 schedule) to an employee or group of employees.

    -Assign Schedule Templates: allows you to assign a permanent schedule template to an employee or group of employees.

    Temporary Changes - the schedule is only in affect for the current (or selected) pay period.

    -Assign Schedule Templates: allows you to assign a schedule template to an employee or group of employees for the current pay period – or a later pay period selected.

  3. Select the assignment to view your employees – you will see your name and any supervisors that have delegated their employees to you:click on assignment to view employees
  4. The employee list and available effective dates will default to the current open pay period.  If you need to change the date, check the box under Employees Active On and select the date from the calendar:calendar pop up to change pay period for schedule effective date

  5. To assign a schedule template to one employee, check the Manager Override box to activate their row:the manager override box needs to be checked=
  6. Note: if an employee has a schedule template already assigned, the Manager Override box will be checked and the schedule listed in the Schedule Template field.

    To assign a schedule template to several employees, check the box to the left of their name (for all employees check the box at the top to the right of Name) and the Manager Override box on the Mass Edit line. You will need to complete the remaining steps on the Mass Edit line:manager override and mass edit to apply changes to more than one employee

    Reminder: while you can assign any schedule template to any employee, the schedule function only affects Classified employees’ timesheets and hours.

  7. Click in the Schedule Template field to see the available schedules. Select the template you would like to assign to the employee from the drop down:Schedule template drop down menu
  8. Note: if assigning a schedule cycle, you will also have to select the cycle start schedule (i.e., start with the 2nd week of the schedule):

  9. Enter the date you would like the employee to start working the assigned schedule.  The effective date must be within the Valid Date Range to the right:effective date entered in the effective date field
  10. Reminder: if you want the employee to start working the assigned schedule for a future date not in the effective date range, you must change the date as shown in step 3.

  11. Save your changes:click on the save button to save changes
  12. If you are using the Mass Edit feature, be sure to first check Apply to all checked rows before saving:

    apply to all checked=

  13. The employee is now assigned the schedule as of the effective date selected:page reflecting schedule changes

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