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How do I cancel an employee time off request?

Once a time off request has been submitted no changes can be made to the request.  If changes (dates, times, leave types) need to be made, the time off request must be cancelled. 

Employees can cancel their own time off requests; supervisors should only cancel the request if the employee is unable to complete the cancellation.

  1. From the Time Off Review Summary page, click on the Time Off Request History tab to find the time off request that needs to be cancelled:select time off request from request summary page
  2. On the Time Off Review Summary page, select Cancel Request:click cancel request on the request summary page
  3. Enter comments for the employee then click Cancel Request:enter comments in the reason for cancellation box then click cancel request
  4. You’ll receive confirmation that the request was successfully cancelled.  Click OK to return to the Time Off Review summary page:
    request successfully canceled dialogue box click ok to continue
  5. On the Time Off Review Summary page, you’ll see the cancelled request listed on the Time Off Request History tab:status cancelled on manager time off review summary page

Note: cancelling the time off request does not remove the time from the employee's calendar if they added it using the attachment in the approval email. They will need to manually delete the appointment from their calendar.

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