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How do I cancel a time off request?

EmpCenter Now Available

The EmpCenter and physical time clocks upgrade was successful and EmpCenter is now available. 

See the announcement for details on how to record your time if you were working while EmpCenter was unavailable.  See the What's New page for more information about changes in EmpCenter with the upgrade.

Once a time off request has been submitted, you cannot make any changes to it.  However, you can cancel the approved or pending request at any time.  If the request was already approved, cancelling will alert your supervisor and put the time back in your leave bank.

  1. After selecting My Time Off from the Employee Dashboard, click on the Time Off Request you would like to cancel from the Request List:select time off requestNote: if the date of the requested time off is in the past, you will need to click on the Past Tab to view the request and complete the steps below:                                                           Time Off Request Past Tab
  2. On the Request Summary page, select Cancel Request:select "Cancel Request"
  3. Add any comments, if needed, then click Cancel Request:add a comment
  4. You’ll receive confirmation that the request was cancelled.  Click OK to return to the Request List page:cancel confirmation
  5. On the Request List page, the request will be listed with a status of Cancelled:cancelled note on request page

Note: once the request is cancelled, no further action can be taken.  To re-request the day you must create a new time off request

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