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How do I enter On-Call pay?

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On-call pay is entered directly on the timesheet for the day you are on-call.

1. Access your timesheet by selecting Enter My Hours from the Employee Dashboard:

enter my hours link on the employee dashboard

2. Select On-Call from the drop down menu for the day you are on-call:

click on the arrow in the pay code column to see the pay code drop down list to select on-call pay

You may need to add a row to the day by clicking in the green plus sign. See the Add a Row FAQ for more details.

3. Enter the number of hours in the Hours column then click save at the top of the timesheet:

enter the number of on-call hours in the hours column then click save at the top of the timesheet

You'll receive confirmation that your changes were saved:

data saved confirmation at the top of the timesheet

See the Call Back FAQ for instructions on entering time if you are called in to work while on-call.

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