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How do I run employee reports?

As a supervisor, you have access to additional reports to help you keep track of your employee’s time and leave.

Note: Business Center employees also have access to the manager reports as described below.

  1. All reports are accessed by clicking on View Reports under Reporting on the Supervisor Dashboard:view reports link on the supervisor dashboard
  2. On the Reports page, select the report, or report category then report, to view the report options:select the report to view the report criteria

    Note: the Manager Reports folder containes reports about your employees.  The Reports About Me folder contains reports for your timesheet only.
  3. You can also search for a report using the search feature:

    search button on the report page to search for a specific report

    Enter any portion of a report name then click on the binoculars or Enter to search for reports:

    report search options

    To view the report options, select the report name from the list.

    Note: the search results will include manager reports and reports for your timesheets (e.g., "Employee Time Sheet Audit" will only give you information about your timesheet).

  4. Select the report options:select report options
    1. Enter the date or use the calendar icon.
    2.    -  For reports with Pay Period End Date as the criteria, the date must be the last day of a pay period (e.g., 3/31/17 for salaried, 3/15/17 for hourly).

         -  For reports that allow date ranges as the criteria, you can enter the dates or select a range for a period of time before or after the current date.

    3. You must select an Assignment Group from the Assignment Group List.  You will see your name and any supervisors that have delegate their employees to you listed.
      - If you are a supervisor, you will see your name and the names of any supervisors that have delegated their employees to you listed.
      - If you have the Business Center role you will see the business center and all timesheet orgs within the business center listed.
    4. To view the report for only one employee, enter their employee id or their last name.
    5. Each report has different set of options; for any required option the report will give an error if you do not enter a selection.  For options with multiple values, you can check the box next to the values you want to add to the report or click Select All to add all values to the report.  For more information about all of the reports available - including their options - see the Supervisor/BC Report Guide.

  5. Click Run Now to select the delivery options for the report:run now button

    See the Schedule a Report FAQ for instructions on how to schedule reports to run at a later date and time.
  6. Select the delivery method:run report now delivery method drop down

    View Now will open the report on your computer using the output option selected; Send Email will email the report to the email address(es) entered as an attachment in the file format selected

  7. Select the output option then click Run Now:
    1. View Now Options - when you click Run Now the report will open in the format selected: view now report format options
      1. PDF: opens the report as a PDF file.  Use this format if you want to print the report.
      2. Excel: opens the report in Excel with the same formatting as HTML/PDF options.
      3. CSV: opens the report as a CSV file which can be formatted and manipulated.
      4. HTML: opens the report in a new window within your web browser.

        Note: some report options may be grayed out indicating the report is not available in that output.  If the option you would like is grayed out, run the report as HTML.  You can then export the report in the format you would like.  See the Exporting a Report section in the BC/Supervisor Report Guide.
    2. Send Email options - when you click Run Now the report will be sent to the email address(es) enter in the file format selected:send email report output options
      1. PDF: attaches the report as a PDF file.  Use this format if you want to print the report.
      2. Excel: attaches the report in Excel with the same formatting as PDF option.
      3. CSV: attaches the report as a CSV file which can be formatted and manipulated.
    3. Note: you must enter at least one valid email address.  Separate multiple addresses with a space, comma, or semicolon.  If the email address is entered incorrectly you will not receive any notification that the email delivery failed.

      You'll receive confirmation that the report will be emailed to the email addresses entered:email sent confirmation

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