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How do I set up temporary employee schedules?

Please note schedules are not required for any employee.  EmpCenter has a rudimentary scheduling component that allows for the assigning of a limited number of schedule templates to employees. The functionality may not meet all of your scheduling needs and only affects Classified employees' timesheets and hours

Schedule Templates are typically used to adjust the automatic meal for Classified Salaried Non-exempt and Classified Hourly employees.  See the Assign Schedule Templates FAQ for instructions. 

Supervisors also have the option to assign schedules to their employees either individually for a pay period (or portion of a pay period) or collectively on a weekly basis.  Both of these processes are temporary and must be repeated each pay period or week.   This FAQ outlines setting up a temporary schedule for one employee using the schedule tab.  See the Group Schedules FAQ for instructions on setting up temporary schedules for a group of employees.  However, no matter what option is used, scheduling still only affects Classified employees' timesheets and hours.

Schedule Tab for Temporary Schedules

You can assign an individual schedule to an employee using the Schedule tab in Edit Employee Time.  This process must be repeated each pay period and will only affect Classified employees' timesheets and hours. 

Temporary schedules can also be used to change the assigned schedule for an employee for a day or several days in the pay period.


  1. Select Edit Employee Time from the Supervisor Dashboard to access the employee’s timesheet:edit employee time link on supervisor dashboard
  2. After selecting the assignment, employee, and, if needed, the pay period, click on the Schedule tab:employee selected and schedule tab highlighted
  3. Add the schedule to the days in the pay period:
    1. Select the pay code from the drop down list:pay code drop down list in schedule tab
    2. Note: to add additional rows to a day, click on the green plus green plus sign to the left of pay code drop down list.


    3. Enter the hours:enter hours in the hours column
    4. Note: the pay code selected determines if you need to enter elapsed hours or actual hours.  Work In/Out requires actual hours (i.e., 8am, 5pm); Worked Hours and Meal require elapsed hours (i.e., 8, 1.5)

      If you are changing a permanent assigned schedule, the hours will be listed on the schedule tab; simply change the hours on the schedule tab to reflect the updated times:

      scheduled hours changed for one day on the schedule tab

    5. Continue to add pay codes and hours to the days you are scheduling; if you are adding the same pay code and hours to multiple days, use the copy and paste option:use copy and paste option for days with same pay code
  4. Click Save at the top of the window to save your changes:save button at the top of timesheet to save changes
  5. You’ll receive confirmation the data was saved:
    confirmation that changes were saved

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