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How do I start up MyTime when I log into my computer

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We have created a simple script that you will need to download and run on your computer. To access this file please follow the directions below.

1. Please dowload the file using the link below and unzip it to your desktop.
2. Extract the file to your desktop.
3. Double click on MyTime.vbs and follow the prompts.
4. After the file has run, you can test the file by logging off your account and back in.
5. Once you ahve logged back in your primary web browser will pop up wtih the MyTime login page.

If you want you can also run this for all users but you must be an administrator on your computer.

Plese note, currently the script below is designed to work for Windows XP-8.  Check back for an updated script for Windows 10 users soon. 

Download MyTime Startup Script

Please be aware that we do not recommend downloading scripts like this from random websites and running them. If you are ever unsure what you should do, contact the computer helpdesk at http://oregonstate.edu/is/tss/och/helpform

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