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How do I use multiple leave types or change hours on my time off request?

If you need to use multiple leave types for a time off request – or make other changes to the request such as hours used – you can make changes on the Request Detail page before to submitting the request.

After creating the initial request (see the time off request FAQ for details on getting to this step):

  1. To change the leave type, click in the Pay Code column and select the appropriate leave from the drop down list:
    drop down menu with leave types in the pay code field of the request details page of the time off request

    Reminder: the leave types you see in the list depend on your policy profile.
  2. To use more than one type of leave on a day, click on the green plus (+) sign in the Action column, change the pay code as show above, then change the hours for each row for the day:

    click the plus sign in the action column to add more than one pay code to the day

    row added to day and new pay code selected
  3. Be sure to change the hours for all rows on the day selected as shown below in step 3.

  4. To change the hours used for the pay code selected, click in the Hours column and enter the correct amount: hours updated in the hours column
  5. To delete a row, click on the red "X" in the Action column:click on the X in the action column to delete a row
  6. Note: the deleted row will still be listed on the Request Detail page with no hours or pay codes, but will not be submitted with the time off request.

    request details page showing deleted row with no hours or pay code for the deleted day

  7. When you have made all the necessary changes, click Update to save your changes:

    update button
  8. Click Submit to send the request to your supervisor for review.

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