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How do I view or revoke delegations?

After you have delegated your employees to another supervisor, you can view your delegation and/or revoke the delegation.

  1. Select Manage Delegations from the Supervisor Dashboard:
    manage delegations link on supervisor dashboard

  2. From the Delegate page, select View/Revoke My Delegations:select view/revoke delegation
  3. On the Search Criteria page, enter any search criteria, if needed, then click Search:enter search criteria if needed then click search
  4. Note: if you do not enter any search criteria you will see all of your delegations including past delegations.

  5. You will see the list of delegations based on your search criteria (or all delegations if no criteria was entered):List of delegations click back if no action required click revoke to change the end date
    Click Back to return to the Manage Delegations screen or Revoke under the Actions column to make changes to the end date of the delegation.

  6. If you select Revoke, the Revoke Delegate Roles window opens on the Delegations page:revoke delegate roles window with immediately labeled a, at end of day labeled b, and cancel labeled c
  7. A. Select the radio button next to Immediately to revoke the delegation immediately.
    B. Select the radio button and enter a date next to At end of day on to change the end date.
    C. Select Cancel to close the window and return to the delegation list with no changes.

  8. After selecting an option, click Revoke Delegation(s) to revoke or change the end date:click revoke delegation(s) to save your changes after selecting immediately
    click revoke delegation(s) to save your changes after changing the end date
  9. You’ll receive confirmation that the delegation was revoked or the end date changed:confirmation that the delegation was revoked
    confirmation that the end date of the delegation was changed

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