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How do I view past assignments?

Essential Employees - Record Essential Time for Campus Closures

Reminder: if you are an essential classified employee and required to work on campus/other closed facilities during the closure, enter Essential Time in addition to your worked hours. See the Essential Time FAQ for more details.

See the OSU Alerts page for more information about the closure.

See the announcement for more information about recording hours for all other employees.

If you have changed assignments (jobs), you will not see your timesheets from past assignments using the pay period navigation on the My Time Entry screen.  Timesheets from previous assignments are found under View Past Assignments.

  1. Select View Past Assignments from the Employee Dashboard:view past assignments link on the employee dashboard
  2. Reminder: your dashboard may look different based on your policy profile and role.

  3. Enter the date you would like to view and click view to see your timesheet:enter a date that the assingment you would like to view was active
  4. Note: you will need to enter a date prior to the last day of the assignment (e.g., assignment ended 2/15/17, you will need to enter 2/14/17) you can either type in the date or use the calendar icon.


  5. If you had more than one assignment for the time period selected, choose the assignment you would like to view:
    choose an assignment if you had more than one for the date you are requesting
  6. Note: if you only had one assignment for the time period selected, you will be directed immediately to the timesheet.

  7. The timesheet for the period selected will open:timesheet for selected=
  8. You can navigate to other timesheets for the assignment using the arrows or calendar icon: change the date to look at other timesheets

If you select a date that you weren’t on that assignment you will receive an error message:error message from not working assignment during specific time

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