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How does the web clock work?

Classified Hourly and Classified Salaried Non-exempt employees are expected to clock in and out for the work day.  Student and temp employees clock in and out for the day and meals  Clocking allows for the appropriate calculation of overtime and differentials.

  1. From the Employee Dashboard, select Go to Web Clock:go to web clock link on employee dashboard
  2. To record your time, simply select the appropriate clock option:web clock links

    Note: select In to clock in for the day or when you return from your meal (for students and temps); select Out to clock out for the day for when you are leaving for your meal (for students and temps).  The Timesheet link will take you to the current pay period timesheet and the Logout link will log you off the system.

  3. You’ll receive a confirmation that the punch was successful: confirmation of clock punch
  4. Choose Logout to close EmpCenter or Timesheet to view your entry.  If you do nothing the system will log you out automatically after 15 seconds of inactivity.


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