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Background information on the EmpCenter project including the message from the executive sponsors and the implementation schedule.

Provost & VP of Finance & Administration Message


Following extensive research and a competitive request for proposal (RFP) process, OSU has invested in a time and attendance software system. The advent of Business Centers has made it feasible to move OSU away from our current outdated, labor-intensive, paper-based time and attendance process and OSU has selected a solution to help us do so. The new web-based system known as EmpCenter by Workforce Software will allow us to serve units both on and off the main campus, redirect personnel resources and reduce time spent administering payroll and benefits. The new system provides improved compliance, simpler record keeping, and better leave administration. All of these combine to reduce or eliminate costly errors.

When implemented, this software will change the way we enter time, request time off, and review work schedules as an organization – providing several material benefits along the way. The reasons for OSU to make this change are many, and you will see some alluded to in the FAQ section of this site, but here are some highlights:

  • Accuracy – While Payroll is responsible for cutting and distributing paychecks, the underlying calculations come from the time & attendance system. In a human-calculation, paper-centric system such as the one we’re replacing, the application of rules and calculations are prone to errors. However, with a software system configured to our unique workforce rules, the risk of errors is essentially eliminated assuring timely, accurate payments.
  • Convenience – A learning curve accompanies any process change. This website is one of several resources that we will make available to facilitate an easy transition. We are confident that you will feel that the new web-based experience is a significant improvement. EmpCenter was selected in large part because it is highly configurable and easy to use.
  • Focus – Calculating employee hours and pay rates is just one facet of activity managed by our HR and payroll staffs. We track each hour of research or other effort associated with grants as well as the complex task of keeping multiple student-employee positions for a large number of student employees. These activities can all be automated through EmpCenter.

This Summer and Fall, the implementation team will be reviewing our current practices and policies in preparation for the new system. Throughout the Winter the team will work with WorkForce to carefully configure EmpCenter to OSU’s framework. The implementation team will follow Workforce’s proven implementation steps. Final “go-live” dates and phases will be defined as more information is gathered.

We hope this has been a helpful introduction to EmpCenter and the implementation plans. We welcome your comments and feedback. Please feel encouraged to submit additional questions for our growing FAQ list. We are very excited about this investment, and appreciate your ongoing support in continuing to improve the way we manage this exceptional university.

Warmest regards,

Sabah Randhawa and Mark McCambridge

Project Implementation Schedule

September/October 2012: Testing of the system.

November 2012: System beta.

February 2013: BC/Central HR pilot.

April 1, 2013: Unclassified Exempt and Unclassified Non-exempt policy profiles go-live.

May 1, 2013: Classified Salaried Non-exempt and Classified Salaried Exempt policy profiles go-live.

June 16, 2013: All Hourly Employees (unclassified hourly, classified hourly, students/temps policy profiles) go-live.

Trainings will be available online with open labs scheduled for the week prior to your go-live date.

Project Implementation Schedule

Older Training Sessions

The March 27, 2013 Open forum for Supervisors was recorded and is now available for viewing

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