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How do I schedule an employee report?

You can schedule reports you use frequently to be emailed to you or others on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. 

  1. After choosing the report and entering the report options to use for the scheduled report, select Schedule instead of Run Now:report options schedule button

    For the date criteria, use the run date options instead of entering a pay period end date or date range, unless you want to schedule the report to always run for the same date range or pay period:pay period end date options using the days before or after run date criteriadate range date options using the days before or after run date criteria

  2. Enter the schedule options:select new schedule options
    1. Delivery
      1. Enter the email address(es) to send the report to; separate emails with a space, comma, or semicolon.  There is no notification if the email delivery fails.
      2. Enter a subject and body (if needed) for the email.
      3. Select the output option.  The report will be emailed in the file format selected.
    2. Scheduling
      1. Select the report frequency:
        1. Once: one time run at a later date
        2. Daily: run every X number of days
        3. Weekly: run every X number of weeks on a set day or days
        4. Monthly: run every X number of months on a set day
        5. Yearly: run yearly on a set day
      2. Select the schedule date range:
        1. Choose no end date to schedule the report indefinitely
      3. Check the “Retain this report schedule after end date” box if you would like to review the report schedule options after it is no longer scheduled.
    3. Schedule Name – you can give the scheduled report a unique name if needed; the default is the name of the report.
  3. Select Create Schedule to save the report schedule with the criteria entered:create schedule button

    You'll receive confirmation the report schedule was successfully created:schedule created confirmation

    The report will be emailed to the addresses entered on the day(s) and times selected.

  4. You can review scheduled report options at any time under the My Scheduled Reports tab:my scheduled reports tab

    - The Refresh Data button will update the list including the last run and next run dates.

    - To view scheduled reports that have ended, check the Include inactive reports schedules box.

    - Click on the blue arrow to preview the report (the report will run with the date criteria using today's date as the run date).

    - Click on the red X to delete the schedule.

  5. Click on the report row to view the schedule options:scheduled report options

    Note: if you make any changes to the schedule options, select Save Schedule to save the changes.

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