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Why am I getting exceptions (errors) when submitting my time off requests?

If there are exceptions on your time off request, you must fix any errors before submitting.

Exceptions Prevent Request Submissions

If you do not select a pay code on the first page of the time off request, EmpCenter will allow you to continue but will not allow you to submit the request until you select a pay code.  You will receive an "exceptions prevent request submissions" notice:

exceptions prevent request submission notice on time off request

To clear the exception, select a pay code from the drop down list and click Update:

pay code selected click update to clear the error

Not Enough Leave

This error occurs when time off is requested for more hours than available in the selected leave bank(s).leave bank is zero error on time off request

To correct the error, either delete the affected days or change the leave type used in the Pay Code column.  See the using Multiple Leaves FAQ for details on how to change pay codes on leave requests.

Too Many Hours Entered

This error typically occurs if there is already an approved leave request for the day or a holiday.over 12 hours in a day error on time off request

To correct the error, use the back button to change the day.  If you need to change the leave type for the approved time off, you must first cancel the previous request and submit a new request.  See the Cancel Time Off FAQ for instructions. 

Restricted Leave Types

Some leave types can only be used at certain times of the year.restricted leave type error on time off request

To correct the error, click on the Back button and change the date of the leave request or change the leave type selected.

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