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I have a total hours over 40 exception on my timesheet. How do I fix that?

Essential Employees - Record Essential Time for Campus Closures

Reminder: if you are an essential classified employee and required to work on campus/other closed facilities during the closure, enter Essential Time in addition to your worked hours. See the Essential Time FAQ for more details.

See the OSU Alerts page for more information about the closure.

See the announcement for more information about recording hours for all other employees.

Since most unclassified exempt employees work a traditional Monday through Friday work week and 8 hour day, EmpCenter requires acknowledgement of any time entered on a weekend day or over 8 hours. 

When time is entered on Saturday or Sunday - or over 8 hours for a weekday - EmpCenter will generate a red level exception noting "Total hours recorded are greater than 40.  Only 40 hours per week can be entered.":

unclassified exempt employee timesheet with over 40 hours recorded error

If the time was entered on the correct day, the employee or supervisor must acknowledge the exception by checking the box under the Acknowledge column:

box checked=

Once the exception is acknowledged and the timesheet saved, the exception changes to a yellow-level warning:

over 40 hours exception acknowledged and saved

If the time was entered on the wrong day, change the time to the correct day and save.  The exception will go away.

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