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How do I update my email for EmpCenter notifications?

EmpCenter uses your Banner Preferred Email for all notifications.  If you need to update your email address, follow the instructions below.

Note: updating your Banner Preferred Email will change the email for all Banner notifications - not just EmpCenter.

1. Log on to MyOregonState using your ONID username and password. You will also need to authenticate with Duo.

2. On the Overview page, select Online Services Employee Dashboard from the Featured box:

my oregonstate employee overview page with online services employee dashboard link highlighted

Note: If you do not see the Online Services Employee Dashboard link on your overview page, click on the Resources link at the top and search for it on the Resources page.

3. On the Employee Dashboard, click My Profile:

employee dashboard with my profile button highlighted

4. From the Employee Profile page, click on the Edit button in the Emails section:

my profile page with edit link in email section highlighted

5. On the Personal Information page, click on the Edit button under Email Employee (Preferred):

personal information page with edit button under email employee (preferred) highlighted

6. In the Edit Email window, enter the new email address, make sure Mark as Preferred is checked, then click Update:

edit email window with new email entered mark as preferred check box highlighted and update button highlighted

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