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Q: Do I have to submit my timesheet if I had no exception time during the month?     
A: Yes, you must submit your timesheet at the end of the pay period even if you did not take any exception time during the   Find Out More
Q: Do I need to change my holiday from the observed day to the actual day?     
A: You will need to change the holiday from the observed day (the default day the holiday will display in EmpCenter) to   Find Out More
Q: Do I need to “sign-up” to use EmpCenter?     
A: You do not need to sign-up to use the system; OSU employees that use EmpCenter log in with their ONID Username and   Find Out More
Q: Does EmpCenter accommodate the administration of protected leave (FMLA/OFLA)?     
A: Yes it does.  In addition to Workforce's EmpCenter, OSU also purchased the Absence Compliance Tracker (ACT).   Find Out More
Q: EmpCenter is slow to load in internet explorer.     
A: If you are using internet explorer and EmpCenter seems slow to load, try resetting IE.  To do this, in Internet   Find Out More
Q: How are changes to labor distribution made in EmpCenter?     
A: Labor distribution changes are not completed in EmpCenter; labor changes can be made using: Changing the default labor   Find Out More
Q: How can a supervisor review exceptions on an employee's timesheet?     
A: Supervisors can view exceptions on employee timesheets on the dashboard, when editing employee time, approving   Find Out More
Q: How do I access my employee timesheet?     
A: After logging in to EmpCenter, access your timesheet by clicking on My Timesheet from the employee dashboard: Reminder   Find Out More
Q: How do I access the system?     
A: To access EmpCenter, click on Login to EmpCenter at http://mytime.oregonstate.edu/:  At the EmpCenter login   Find Out More
Q: How do I add an attachment to my time off request?     
A: After selecting the pay code and dates for the time off request (see the create time off request FAQ for instructions   Find Out More
Q: How do I add Essential Time to my timesheet?     
A: If you are designated as an “Essential” employee and are required to report to work during a University closure you   Find Out More
Q: How do I add use the calendar attachment in the time off request approval email?     
A: With EmpCenter 19.1, approved time off request emails include an attachment to add the dates/times of the request to   Find Out More
Q: How do I add/delete a row on my timesheet?     
A: To add a row: Click on the plus sign for the date you would like to add an additional row to:       Find Out More
Q: How do I adjust a missing in or out clock?     
A: If you forget to clock in or out for the day, EmpCenter will display a red level Error (not paid) exception: To   Find Out More
Q: How do I adjust my clock entries?     
A: Valid reasons for adjusting clock time include: Computer issues preventing use of web clock. Assisting students and/or   Find Out More
Q: How do I amend my timesheet?     
A: After a timesheet has been processed, any changes must go through the amended timesheet procedure.  Timesheets can   Find Out More
Q: How do I approve employee timesheets?     
A: You can review your employees’ timesheets at any point in the pay period, but you must approve timesheets at the end of   Find Out More
Q: How do I approve or change employee Essential Time?     
A: Classified employees that are designated “essential” and are required to work during a University closure record those   Find Out More
Q: How do I approve or reject employee time off requests?     
A: Access the employee’s request either from the Dashboard, the Time Off Review Summary page, or the link in the email:   Find Out More
Q: How do I assign employees permanent or temporary schedule templates?     
A: EmpCenter has a rudimentary scheduling component that allows for assigning a limited number of schedule templates to   Find Out More
Q: How do I cancel a time off request?     
A: Once a time off request has been submitted, you cannot make any changes to it.  However, you can cancel the   Find Out More
Q: How do I cancel an employee time off request?     
A: Once a time off request has been submitted no changes can be made to the request.  If changes (dates, times, leave   Find Out More
Q: How do I change my meal time?     
A: EmpCenter will automatically add an hour meal for classified employees only on any day with 6 or more work hours (   Find Out More
Q: How do I change or remove a permanent schedule template?     
A: Once you have assigned a permanent schedule template to your employee, they remain on the schedule until you change or   Find Out More
Q: How do I change the pay period?     
A: The timesheet will default to the current open pay period; once you have submitted your timesheet or your supervisor   Find Out More

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