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Q: Do I have to submit my timesheet if I had no exception time during the month?     
A: Yes, you must submit your timesheet at the end of the pay period even if you did not take any exception time during the   Find Out More
Q: Do I need to “sign-up” to use EmpCenter?     
A: You do not need to sign-up to use the system; OSU employees that will be using EmpCenter will log in with their ONID   Find Out More
Q: Does EmpCenter accommodate the administration of protected leave (FMLA/OFLA)?     
A: Yes it does.  In addition to Workforce's EmpCenter, OSU also purchased the Absence Compliance Tracker (ACT).   Find Out More
Q: EmpCenter is slow to load in internet explorer.     
A: If you are using internet explorer and EmpCenter seems slow to load, try resetting IE.  To do this, in Internet   Find Out More
Q: How do I access my employee timesheet?     
A: After logging in to EmpCenter, access your timesheet by clicking on Enter My Hours from the employee dashboard: Note:   Find Out More
Q: How do I access the system?     
A: To access EmpCenter, click on Login to EmpCenter at http://mytime.oregonstate.edu/:        At the   Find Out More
Q: How do I add/delete a row on my timesheet?     
A: To add a row: Click on the plus sign for the date you would like to add an additional row to:       Find Out More
Q: How do I amend my timesheet?     
A: After a timesheet has been processed, any changes must go through the amended timesheet procedure.  Timesheets can   Find Out More
Q: How do I cancel a time off request?     
A: Once a time off request has been submitted, you cannot make any changes to it.  However, you can cancel the   Find Out More
Q: How do I change the pay period?     
A: The timesheet will default to the current open pay period; once you have submitted your timesheet, it will default to   Find Out More
Q: How do I change the work date?     
A: If you entered time on the wrong day, you can easily change the work date.  Click on the down arrow next to the   Find Out More
Q: How do I check my leave balance?     
A: You can view the number of hours you have available in all time off banks you are eligible for on the Leave Balances   Find Out More
Q: How do I copy/cut an entry on my timesheet?     
A: To copy or cut an entry: Click on the down arrow next to the plus sign for the date you would like to copy or cut.   Find Out More
Q: How do I create favorites for reports?     
A: You can create favorites for reports you access most often. After selecting View Reports from the Employee Dashboard,   Find Out More
Q: How do I create favorites on my dashboard?     
A: On the EmpCenter Dashboard, you can create favorites for tasks you access most often. Hover the mouse over a group to   Find Out More
Q: How do I create favorites on my timesheet?     
A: If you frequently enter the same pay code or comment on your timesheet, you can create a favorite for the time slice.   Find Out More
Q: How do I enter my time as a Unclassified Exempt employee?     
A: Unclassified Exempt employees only enter exception time (i.e. vacation, sick) if the time off request process was not   Find Out More
Q: How do I find my business center?     
A: To find your business center, log on to myOSU at https://myosu.oregonstate.edu/.  Select the Employee link then   Find Out More
Q: How do I find my Policy Profile?     
A: For a description of the different policy profiles, visit the Profile Groups FAQ. To find your Policy Profile, log on   Find Out More
Q: How do I recall my submitted timesheet?     
A: If your submitted timesheet has not been approved, you can recall it to make changes. You’ll are now able to make   Find Out More
Q: How do I record my time during inclement weather?     
A: How you record your time in EmpCenter depends on your policy profile and if the university is open or closed.  For   Find Out More
Q: How do I request time off?     
A: EmpCenter will allow time off requests to be made up to 365 days from the current date.  The system will display   Find Out More
Q: How do I run reports?     
A: EmpCenter allows you to run reports for the current and past pay periods.  Reports include leave accrual   Find Out More
Q: How do I schedule reports?     
A: You can schedule reports you use frequently to be emailed to you on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.    Find Out More
Q: How do I set my printing preferences?     
A: The default print setting in EmpCenter is to print everything in the My Time Entry view (the timesheet, exceptions,   Find Out More

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