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EmpCenter Unavailable Sunday, February 1st 12am-4am

EmpCenter will be unavailable starting at midnight on Sunday, February 1st for the vendor to complete system maintenance. It is expected to be back up by 4am.

There will be no access to EmpCenter during the maintenance period. Any reports that are scheduled to run during the down time will not process – you will need to run them manually once EmpCenter is back up. However, data terminals (physical time clocks) will still accept swipes and will send the data to EmpCenter once it returns to service.

Available here is a comprehensive list of all FAQ contained on this site.

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To reset the filters, choose < Any > from the drop down menus, clear any of the other fields in use, and click the Apply button again.

Q: Do I have to submit my timesheet if I had no exception time during the month?     
A: Yes, you must submit your timesheet at the end of the pay period even if you did not take any exception time during the   Find Out More
Q: Do I need to “sign-up” to use EmpCenter?     
A: You do not need to sign-up to use the system; OSU employees that will be using EmpCenter will log in with their ONID   Find Out More
Q: Does EmpCenter accommodate the administration of protected leave (FMLA/OFLA)?     
A: Yes it does.  In addition to Workforce's EmpCenter, OSU also purchased the Absence Compliance Tracker (ACT).   Find Out More
Q: EmpCenter is slow to load in internet explorer.     
A: If you are using internet explorer and EmpCenter seems slow to load, try resetting IE.  To do this, in Internet   Find Out More
Q: How are changes to labor distribution made in EmpCenter?     
A: For most employees, labor distribution changes are not completed in EmpCenter.  For those employees, changes will   Find Out More
Q: How can a supervisor review exceptions on an employee's timesheet?     
A: Supervisors can view exceptions on employee timesheets when editing employee time, approving timesheets, or by running   Find Out More
Q: How do I access my employee timesheet?     
A: After logging in to EmpCenter, access your timesheet by clicking on Enter My Hours from the employee dashboard: Note:   Find Out More
Q: How do I access the system?     
A: To access EmpCenter, click on Login to EmpCenter at http://mytime.oregonstate.edu/:        At the   Find Out More
Q: How do I add/delete a row on my timesheet?     
A: To add a row: Click on the plus sign for the date you would like to add an additional row to:       Find Out More
Q: How do I adjust a missing in or out clock?     
A: If you forget to clock in or out for the day, EmpCenter will display a red level Error (not paid) exception: To   Find Out More
Q: How do I adjust my clock entries?     
A: Valid reasons for adjusting clock time include: Computer issues preventing use of web clock. Assisting students and/or   Find Out More
Q: How do I amend my timesheet?     
A: After a timesheet has been processed, any changes must go through the amended timesheet procedure.  Timesheets can   Find Out More
Q: How do I approve employee time off requests?     
A: Access the employee’s request either from the Dashboard or the Time Off Review Summary page: On the Time Off Approval   Find Out More
Q: How do I approve employee timesheets?     
A: You can review your employees’ timesheets at any point in the pay period, but you must approve timesheets at the end of   Find Out More
Q: How do I assign employees permanent or temporary schedule templates?     
A: Please note schedules are not required for any employee.  EmpCenter has a rudimentary scheduling component that   Find Out More
Q: How do I cancel a time off request?     
A: Once a time off request has been submitted, you cannot make any changes to it.  However, you can cancel the   Find Out More
Q: How do I cancel an employee time off request?     
A: Once a time off request has been submitted no changes can be made to the request.  If changes (dates, times, leave   Find Out More
Q: How do I change my meal time?     
A: EmpCenter will automatically add an hour meal for classified employees only on any day with 6 or more work hours (   Find Out More
Q: How do I change or remove a permanent schedule template?     
A: Once you have assigned a permanent schedule template to your employee, they remain on the schedule until you change or   Find Out More
Q: How do I change the pay period?     
A: The timesheet will default to the current open pay period; once you have submitted your timesheet, it will default to   Find Out More
Q: How do I change the work date?     
A: If you entered time on the wrong day, you can easily change the work date.  Click on the down arrow next to the   Find Out More
Q: How do I check my leave balance?     
A: You can view the number of hours you have available in all time off banks you are eligible for on the Leave Balances   Find Out More
Q: How do I clock in if I have more than one job or assignment?     
A: If you have only one job, or “assignment”, you will be directed to the Web Clock without any extra steps.  If you   Find Out More
Q: How do I copy/cut an entry on my timesheet?     
A: To copy or cut an entry: Click on the down arrow next to the plus sign for the date you would like to copy or cut.   Find Out More
Q: How do I create favorites for reports?     
A: You can create favorites for reports you access most often. After selecting View Reports from the Employee Dashboard,   Find Out More

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