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Q: What if I am late clocking in? Will EmpCenter dock my pay?     
A: If you are late, discuss with your supervisor how they would like you to make up or account for the time.    Find Out More
Q: What if I am out of the office when I need to approve my employees' timesheets?     
A: You can access EmpCenter remotely from any computer with internet access or you can easily delegate timesheet approval   Find Out More
Q: What if I can't log in to EmpCenter?     
A: If you are having technical issues with your computer or problems with ONID, call the OSU Helpdesk at 541-737-3474. If   Find Out More
Q: What if I don’t clock exactly on time?     
A: ***NOTE: The rounding logic in EmpCenter changed on February 2nd, 2014.  Below are the details for the current   Find Out More
Q: What if I have multiple positions, how do I track time for each one?     
A: If you have multiple positions, you will be prompted to choose the appropriate position when accessing EmpCenter to   Find Out More
Q: What if I have to leave and come back in the middle of my shift? How do I account for my time?     
A: For Classified Salaried Non-exempt and Classified Hourly employees that receive an automatic meal, how you account for   Find Out More
Q: What if I will be out of the office when timesheets are due? Can I submit my timesheet early?     
A: Yes.  If you will be out of the office when timesheets are due, you can submit your timesheet on your last day   Find Out More
Q: What if my employee forgets to submit their timesheet or is out sick during payroll processing? Will I still be able to approve their timesheet?     
A: Yes.  You will be able to access your employee's timesheet, make any changes if needed, and approve the timesheet   Find Out More
Q: What if the holiday is on my normal day off?     
A: If the holiday falls on your normal day off, you must remove the holiday and request Comp Time.  The process is   Find Out More
Q: What is a "Policy Profile"?     
A: Policy profile is the term used by EmpCenter to identify how an employee will interact with the system.  There   Find Out More
Q: What is an observed holiday and an actual holiday?     
A: Holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday are observed by the university on the preceding Friday or following Monday.   Find Out More
Q: What is EmpCenter?     
A: EmpCenter is the online time and attendance system used by the university.  It allows you to record hours worked   Find Out More
Q: What is Hardship Leave?     
A: Hardship Leave is the bank in EmpCenter for leave that is donated to you from other employees.  Hardship leave can   Find Out More
Q: What is my Supervisor Dashboard?     
A: The home screen in EmpCenter is called the Dashboard. From the Dashboard you can access timesheet approval, reports,   Find Out More
Q: What is Parental Leave?     
A: Parental Leave is additional leave available to unclassified employees (Unclassified Exempt, Unclassified Non-exempt,   Find Out More
Q: What is the "Results" tab?     
A: The Results tab lists the calculated results for all time entered on the timesheet, including overtime (for non-exempt   Find Out More
Q: What is the "Schedule" tab?     
A: The Schedule tab displays any assigned schedule; even if you do not have an assigned schedule, you will still see the   Find Out More
Q: What is the benefit of clocking?     
A: Hourly employees are eligible for overtime while classified salaried non-exempt and classified hourly employees are   Find Out More
Q: What is the employee dashboard?     
A: The home screen in EmpCenter is called the Dashboard.  Classified Hourly, Classified Salaried Non-Exempt, and   Find Out More
Q: What is “clocking”?     
A: Clocking is a function of EmpCenter that uses a web-based or physical time clock to record the time an employee begins   Find Out More
Q: When an employee has multiple jobs, how is overtime calculated?     
A: The system will automatically calculate overtime for any work that occurs after the 40th hour in a week.     Find Out More
Q: When is it acceptable to adjust clocked time?     
A: Valid reasons for adjusting clock time include: Computer issues preventing use of web clock at the start or end of   Find Out More
Q: When will I be paid overtime if I am salaried?     
A: Salaried employees who earn overtime in the current month will have the overtime paid on the following month’s pay   Find Out More
Q: Who can make changes to my timesheet?     
A: Besides the employee, the employee's supervisor and approved Business Center employees can access and make changes to   Find Out More
Q: Why am I getting exceptions (errors) when submitting my time off requests?     
A: If there are exceptions on your time off request, you must fix any errors before submitting. Exceptions Prevent Request   Find Out More

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