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Personal Leave and Exchange Time

Personal Leave and Exchange Time banks will clear at the end of June.  You have through June 30th to use any leave you still have.  See the Personal Leave FAQ and the Exchange Time FAQ for more details. 

Available here is a comprehensive list of all FAQ contained on this site.

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Q: Will EmpCenter remind me that timesheets are due?     
A: Yes. EmpCenter will send an email reminder to you to submit your timesheets before payroll processing.  If you   Find Out More
Q: Will employees be able to access EmpCenter when they are away from their desks?     
A: Yes.  All employees can access EmpCenter from any computer with internet access.  They will simply need to   Find Out More
Q: Will employees receive notifications from EmpCenter?     
A: Yes.  EmpCenter sends several notifications to employees including: - Reminders to submit timesheets -   Find Out More
Q: Will I be able to make adjustments to my employees' timesheets?     
A: Yes.  Supervisors can adjust hours, add pay codes, and add comments to an employee's timesheet at any point   Find Out More
Q: Will I be able to monitor the hours my students work?     
A: During the academic school year students cannot work more than 20 hours per week across all jobs on campus.    Find Out More
Q: Will I be able to see my employees' leave balances?     
A: Yes, you can see an employee's leave balance under the leave balances tab on their timesheet.  You will also be   Find Out More
Q: Will I be able to see my Work Study students’ remaining balances in the new system?     
A: If the student has work study available and the assignment is work study eligible, you will see their balance on the   Find Out More
Q: Will I be notified if my employee submits a time off request?     
A: Yes.  You'll see the pending request on your Dashboard and you'll receive an email from EmpCenter.   Find Out More
Q: Will I get a reminder if I forget to clock? What happens if I fail to clock at the appropriate time(s)?     
A: EmpCenter will not remind you to clock; you will need to remember to use the clocking function daily.  If you   Find Out More
Q: Will I need to use the EmpCenter “clocking” functionality?     
A: The following employee groups will use it. Student Employees, paid Hourly - Policy Proflie: Student/Temp All hourly   Find Out More
Q: Will there be a minimum amount of leave that must be requested (e.g. 1 hour) at any one time?     
A: For classified and unclassified employees, no, current practice remains in effect. For students and temporary employees   Find Out More
Q: Will we be able to generate PAR forms from EmpCenter?     
A: PAR forms are critical for grants but EmpCenter is a time & leave collection/reporting system and was not designed   Find Out More

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