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What is EmpCenter?

New Required Online Training for All Faculty and Staff

Please see the Human Resources announcement for information about new, required trainings. All faculty and staff (regular full-time and part-time) must complete required trainings within 60 days.

Log in to complete your training now at training.oregonstate.edu.

EmpCenter is the online time and attendance system used by the university.  It allows you to record hours worked and leave taken.  EmpCenter is designed to accurately calculate your pay based on the complex rules, regulations, and policies that govern OSU pay.  In addition, EmpCenter allows for the application for and tracking of protected leave (e.g., FMLA, OFLA). 

How you record your time and interact with EmpCenter is determined by your policy profile.  You can find user guides and training for your policy profile on the MyTime Training page.


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