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What is the employee dashboard?

The home screen in EmpCenter is called the Dashboard. 

Classified Hourly, Classified Salaried Non-Exempt, and Students/Temps Dashboard

Employee Dashboard for clocking policy profiles

Classified Exempt, Grad Students, Unclassified Exempt, Unclassified Hourly, and Unclassified Non-exempt Dashboard

Employee Dashboard for non-clocking policy profiles

At the top of the Dashboard are several links; you will see these same links throughout EmpCenter:

  • Home: use this link to return to the Dashboard from anywhere in the system.
  • Help: use this link to open the online help documentation in a new window.
  • Log Out: use this link to sign off of EmpCenter.

Time Entry options:

  • My Timesheet: access your timesheet to enter hours, correct entries, and submit it to your supervisor for approval at the end of the pay period.*
  • Go to Web Clock: (for clocking policy profiles only) access the web clock to clock in or out.  The web clock functions like a traditional time clock.
  • View Past Assignments: access timesheets from previous jobs and/or previous pay periods.

Schedules options:

  • My Time Off: access time off requests and protected leave requests.  You can submit requests, track the status of requests, and view past requests.

Reporting options:

  • View Reports: access employee reports such as Absence History, Time Sheet Audit, and Time Sheet Approval.

If you are in a Supervisor or Business Center role within EmpCenter, you will see additional options available on the Dashboard.  See the appropriate user guide for more information.

*For instructions on using the Enter My Hours option, see the user guide and/or training for your policy profile or the FAQ below:

Classified Hourly - Enter Time on Timesheet

Classified Salaried Exempt - Enter Time on Timesheet

Classified Salaried Non-exempt - Enter Time on Timesheet

Grad Students - Enter Time on Timesheet

Students/Temps - Enter Time on Timesheet

Unclassified Exempt - Enter Time on Timesheet

Unclassified Hourly - Enter Time on Timesheet

Unclassified Non-exempt - Enter Time on Timesheet

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