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What is the employee dashboard?

New Required Online Training for All Faculty and Staff

Please see the Human Resources announcement for information about new, required trainings. All faculty and staff (regular full-time and part-time) must complete required trainings within 60 days.

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The home screen in EmpCenter is called the Dashboard. 

Classified Hourly, Classified Salaried Non-Exempt, and Students/Temps Dashboard

Employee Dashboard for clocking policy profiles

Classified Exempt, Grad Students, Unclassified Exempt, Unclassified Hourly, and Unclassified Non-exempt Dashboard

Employee Dashboard for non-clocking policy profiles

At the top of the Dashboard are several links; you will see these same links throughout EmpCenter:

  • Home: use this link to return to the Dashboard from anywhere in the system.
  • Help: use this link to open the online help documentation in a new window.
  • Log Off: use this link to sign off of EmpCenter.

Time Entry options:

  • Enter My Hours: access your timesheet to enter hours, correct entries, and submit your timesheet to your supervisor for approval.*
  • Go to Web Clock: (for clocking policy profiles only) access the web clock to clock in or out.  The web clock functions like a traditional time clock.
  • View Past Assignments: access timesheets from previous jobs and/or previous pay periods.

Schedules options:

  • My Time Off: access time off requests and protected leave requests.  You can submit requests, track the status of requests, and view past requests.

Reporting options:

  • View Reports: access employee reports such as Absence History, Time Sheet Audit, and Time Sheet Approval.

If you are in a Supervisor or Business Center role within EmpCenter, you will see additional options available on the Dashboard.  See the appropriate user guide for more information.

*For instructions on using the Enter My Hours option, see the user guide and/or training for your policy profile or the FAQ below:

Classified Hourly - Enter Time on Timesheet

Classified Salaried Exempt - Enter Time on Timesheet

Classified Salaried Non-exempt - Enter Time on Timesheet

Grad Students - Enter Time on Timesheet

Students/Temps - Enter Time on Timesheet

Unclassified Exempt - Enter Time on Timesheet

Unclassified Hourly - Enter Time on Timesheet

Unclassified Non-exempt - Enter Time on Timesheet

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