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What is my Supervisor Dashboard?

The home screen in EmpCenter is called the Dashboard. From the Dashboard you can access timesheet approval, reports, time off requests, and delegation:

supervisor dashboard

Main Navigation links:

At the top of the Dashboard are several links; you will see these same links throughout EmpCenter:

  • Home: use this link to return to the Dashboard from anywhere in the system.
  • Help: use this link to open the online help documentation in a new window.
  • Log Off: use this link to sign off of EmpCenter.

The supervisor dashboard includes options for reviewing your employee’s time as well as options to access your own time entry.  Please see the appropriate policy profile user guide for more information on using the employee options.

Time Entry links:

Note: if you do not see all the options, expand the list by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the section.

  • Enter My Hours: access your timesheet to enter hours, correct entries, and submit your timesheet to your supervisor for approval.
  • Edit Employee Time: access your employees’ timesheets to view or edit their time; you will see any timesheet exceptions for your employees in the Exceptions box. 
  • Edit Time for Groups: make edits to multiple employee timesheets at once.
  • Approve Time Sheets: access all employees’ timesheets to approve for payroll processing.  You can also access the Approve Time Sheets page by clicking on an employee's row in the Timesheet Submissions box.
  • View Past Assignments: access your timesheets from previous jobs and/or previous pay periods.

Schedules links:

  • Review Time Off Requests: access a list pending employee time off requests for your review; you will also see all pending requests on the dashboard under Employee’s Time Off Requests.
  • My Time Off: access your time off requests and protected leave requests.  You can submit your own requests, track the status of requests, and view past requests.
  • Assign Schedules: assign schedule templates to your employees.
  • Manage Group Schedules: assign temporary schedules to multiple employees at once.

Reporting links:

  • View Reports: access reports for your timesheet and your employees’ timesheets.

Settings links:

  • Manage Delegations: assign a delegate to approve your employees’ timesheets and time off requests when you will be out of the office.

Exceptions Box:

This field lists any exceptions on your employees' timesheets based on the settings you have selected.  Clicking on an exception will open the timesheet for the employee in a new window.  You can make any needed edits and save your changes.

Employee's Time Off Requests Box:

This field lists any of your employee's pending time off requests for the current and future pay period.

Timesheet Submissions Box:

This field lists unapproved timesheets for your employees for the current pay period.  You can easily check if the employee has submitted the timesheet and link directly to the Approve Timesheets page.

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