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What is the "Results" tab?

The Results tab lists the calculated results for all time entered on the timesheet, including overtime (for non-exempt), exchange time earned (for exempt), and shift differentials.

Note: for employees that only record exception time (i.e., vacation or sick), if you do not use any leave time in the month it is possible the results tab will be blank.  

results tab at the bottom of the timesheet showing hours worked for the pay period

By default the results are grouped by Work Date; to change the grouping, click the column heading to display the sorting arrow to sort ascending or descending:

click on the heading to sort ascending or descending

Click and drag between any two column headings to increase or decrease the column width

adjusting column widths

To add or remove columns from the display, click on the down arrow to the far right.  Check the box to add the column, uncheck to remove:

add or remove columns

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