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EmpCenter 19.1 Upgrade - Scheduled for March 23, 2019

We will be upgrading Empceter to the latest version, 19.1 on Saturday, March 23rd.  Version 19.1 has a few new features and changes.  Below are the highlights of the changes to the system.

All Employees:

1. Enter My Hours link changed to My Timesheet

The link to access your timesheet is no longer labeled Enter My Hours; it is now labeled My Timesheet:

16.2 dashboard with enter my hours link highlighted and 19.1 dashboard with my timesheet link highlighted

2. Attachments for time off requests

Time off requests now allow attachments. 

time off request screen with attachment link highlighted

Simply click on the link to add an attachement.  The file must be less than 10MB and can be pdf, jpg, png, tif, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, or txt file type.  See this FAQ for more information. 

3. Time off requests impact on future requests

When creating a time off request, the system will evaluate the impact of the current request time off on any future requests that have already been approved.  If you will not have enough leave for the future request, the system will generate an exception:

time off request showing exception of not enough leave for a future request

You can either change the leave used for the current request or cancel the future request and resubmit it with a different leave type.

Clocking Employees

If you submit the timesheet or your supervisor approves the timesheet before the end of the pay period, a punch in or out using the web clock or a physical time clock will automatically unapprove the timesheet.  You can also still recall the timesheet or your supervisor can unapprove the timesheet.


Supervisors can now create time off requests for their employees from the Review Time Off Requests page:

time off request summary page with create new request for employee link highlighted

Simply click on the Create New Request for Employee link to start the process.  See this FAQ for more information.




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