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***Note: the change described below will be effective April 2nd, 2014.***

New Feature on Supervisor Dashboard

Starting April 1st, supervisors will have an additional box on the dashboard showing Timesheet Submissions.  The box will list all of your employees and display if their timesheet is submitted or unsubmitted for the current open pay period.

timesheet submission box on supervisor dashboard

You can sort the list by clicking on any of the column titles:

timesheet submissions box sorted by status

Clicking on an Unsubmitted timesheet row will take you to the employee's timesheet for the pay period listed:

employee's timesheet

From the Manager Time Entry page, you can make any changes needed to the employee's timesheet.  See the Edit Employee Time FAQ for more information.

Clicking on a Submitted timesheet row will take you to the Approve Time Sheets page:

approve timesheets page

From the Approve Time Sheets page you can approve or reject employee timesheets.  See the Approve Timesheets FAQ for more information.

Once the timesheet is approved by you or processed by Payroll it will no longer be listed in the Timesheet Submissions box.

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