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Will I be able to monitor the hours my students work?

During the academic school year students cannot work more than 20 hours per week across all jobs on campus.  EmpCenter will generate a warning (yellow) exception when the student works over 20 hours in the week.

You will see the exception on the supervisor dashboard in the Exception box and when reviewing the employee's timesheet

over 20 hours worked exception on the supervisor dashboard in the exceptions box

over 20 hours worked exception on the timesheet in the exceptions tab

You can also run the Time Sheet Exceptions report to find any students you supervise with the exception. 

Supervisors can monitor student hours before the exception is generated to ensure they do not work over 20 hours in a week.  There are several options in EmpCenter to monitor student hours:

1. You can verify hours worked by clicking on Edit Employee Time from the Supervisor Dashboard.  Total hours worked for the week will be listed on the timesheet.  You can also see all hours worked by the student across all jobs on campus by clicking on the results tab:

results tab student timesheet showing all hours worked on all positions at the university

2. You can run a report to verify hours worked.  Under Manager Reports, Time Sheet Reports, select the Hours Worked by Pay Code report.  For Report Options, enter the start and end dates for the week you would like to report on, select your name from the Assignment list, select Clock and Work In/Out from the Pay Code list (use the Ctrl key on your keyboard to select multiple pay codes), and enter the student's id number or last name.  The report will list all hours worked across all jobs on campus.      

See the Student Employment Manual for more information about maximum allowable hours for student employees.

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