The Covid Tracking pay code is used in conjuction with another leave pay code to track leave taken related to Covid-19 after the Covid-19 Leave bank has been exhausted. 

You simply add the Covid Tracking pay code with the same number of hours of leave used to the day:

timesheet showing sick leave 8 hours entered and covid tracking 8 hours entered for the day

Please note, Covid Tracking does not generate hours worked or pay and will not add to the total for the week or show in the results tab.  It must be used with another leave pay code.  If no other leave pay code is added to the day, the system will generate a red-level exception:

timesheet with covid tracking and no other leave showing red level excpetion

To clear the exception, enter another leave pay code (e.g., vacation, sick, LWOP) with the same number of hours and save the timesheet.