Covid-19 leave is a temporary bucket of additional leave time available to employees.  See the HR page for more details on the effective dates and the hours available.  Note: clinical fellows will use your regular process for leave reporting, not EmpCenter.

You can add Covid-19 leave directly to your timesheet or use the time off request.  To add to your timesheet:

1. From the dashboard, select my timesheet:

empcenter dashboard with arrow pointing to my timesheet link

Reminder: your dashboard may look different based on your policy profile.

2. Select Covid-19 Leave from the pay code drop down list:

pay code drop down list with covid-19 leave highlighted


3. Enter the number of hours in the hours column and save your timesheet:

hours entered on timesheet and saved

Covid-19 Leave is not eligible for overtime.  You should not use the leave to generate more work time then what you are regularly scheduled to work.  

Note: if needed, you can also add a leave case to the row.


For instructions on adding Covid-19 Leave to a time off request, see the Time Off Request FAQ.

For information about using the Covid Tracking pay code when the Covid-19 Leave bank is exhausted, see this FAQ.