Unclassified Nonexempt employees enter additional hours worked over their appointment percentage or FTE (i.e., hours over 40 in a week for a 1.0 (full time) FTE employee, hours over 20 in a week for .5 FTE employee) and exception time (i.e. vacation, sick) if the time off request process was not used.  

  1. Access your timesheet by clicking on My Timesheet on the Employee Dashboard:
    my timesheet link on the employee dashboard
  2. Select the day you need to enter time for.  The Pay Code field will be highlighted:
    select day on the timesheet to enter hours
  3. Select the Pay Code from the drop down list:

    click on the arrow in the pay code column to see the pay code drop down list and select a pay code for the day


    Note: the pay codes available to you depend on your policy profile.  See Pay Codes for more information.

  4. Enter the elapsed time (e.g., 8, 1.5) in the Hours column:

    enter the number of hours taken in the hours column for pay code selected


    Note: for Additional Hours Worked, only enter hours worked in addition to your regular hours for the week. EmpCenter assumes your work hours for the week based on your FTE. For a full-time, 1.0 FTE, EmpCenter assumes 40 hours; for a half time, 0.50 FTE EmpCenter assumes 20 hours. You will only enter additional hours worked if you work more than your FTE hours.

  5. Click Save at the top of the timesheet to save your changes:

    save button at top of timesheet to save changes


    You’ll receive confirmation that your changes have been saved:


    data saved confirmation at the top of the timesheet

    If you try to navigate away from the timesheet before saving any changes, you’ll receive a warning:


    leaving page warning if changes not saved


    alternate warning message

    If you work over 40 hours in the week and would like to convert the additional hours to Comp Time instead of Overtime, see the Overtime Comp Requested FAQ.