Essential Time Pay Code

Classified employees that are designated "Essential" and are required to work on campus during University closures can now record the hours worked in EmpCenter to ensure they are paid correctly.

Below are highlights of the changes in EmpCenter.


  • Record your time for the day as usual.  See the Closure FAQ if you need more information on how to do that.
  • Add the Essential Time pay code to your timesheet for the day of the closure and enter the number of hours you were required to work.  See the Essential Time FAQ for more information or the Essential Time QRC on the Training page for your policy profile. 

Please note, since Essential Time requires approval by your supervisor, you will see a red exception on the timesheet until they acknowledge the time as appropriate.


  • Verify that the employee is designated "Essential" and did work on campus (or other regular university location) during the University closure.
    • If correct, acknowledge the exception to allow the essential time to calculate.
    • If the hours are not correct, make any needed updates, add comments, and then (if needed) acknowledge the exception.
  • For more information see the Approving/Changing Essential Time FAQ or the Essential Time QRC on the Supervisor Training page.

Please note, you must acknowledge the exception to allow EmpCenter to calculate Essential Time correctly. If you do not acknowledge the exception but approve the timesheet, the business center or HR will remove the hours.