Valid reasons for adjusting clock time include:

  • Computer issues preventing use of web clock.
  • Assisting students and/or customers at start of shift and unable to clock.
  • Missed in or out punch.
  • Starting or ending your shift away from a computer.
  • EmpCenter unavailable.

Running late or being out of the office are not valid reasons for adjusting clock time.  Any changes to clocked time will be recorded in the system. 

If you need to adjust a clock entry, the change is made on your timesheet.  Select My Timesheet from the Employee Dashboard to access your timesheet:

my timesheet link on the employee dashboard

Adjusting Clock Time

1. Enter the correct time on the Clock time slice for the day:

where to enter the correct time for clock on timesheet that is wrong

Add a comment to let your supervisor know why you adjusted the clock time:

 Add a comment on the line with the changed clock time

2. Save your changes:

changes saved on timesheet