At the end of the pay period you are responsible for verifying the information on your timesheet and submitting it to your supervisor for review.  EmpCenter will send an email reminder to submit your timesheet as the pay period end nears.

  1. Select Enter My Hours under Time Entry on the Employee Dashboard:

    enter my hours link on the employee dashboard

    Reminder: your dashboard may look slightly different based on your policy profile and role.

    You can also click on the link in the reminder email to be taken directly to your timesheet - you will be prompted to log in to EmpCenter if you are not logged in yet:

    link in email to access timesheet in empcenter

    Please note, the link in the email will only work when accessing EmpCenter from a desktop computer.  If you are using a phone or tablet, the link directs you to the mobile version of EmpCenter which we do not have access to - instead use the MyTime link in the email to access the desktop version of EmpCenter.

  2. After reviewing your timesheet, click Submit at the top of the screen:

    submit button at the top of the timesheet

  3. If there are error (not paid) exceptions on the timesheet, you must correct them before submitting:

    submit timesheet dialogue box showing a red level error that must be cleared before submitting

    Note: warning errors may need to be corrected as well.  See the exceptions page for more information.

    If you do not have any exceptions, the Submit Timesheet box will show no exceptions:

    submit timesheet dialogue box showing no exceptions or errors

  4. Once all exceptions that need to be corrected have been cleared, check the box to certify the timesheet is accurate:

    box checked to certify the timesheet is accurate and activate the submit timesheet button

  5. Click Submit Timesheet to verify you have reviewed the timesheet:

    click submit timesheet button at the bottom of the dialouge box

    Note: the submit timesheet button is grayed out until you certify your timesheet (step 4).

  6. You’ll receive confirmation that the timesheet was submitted:

    timesheet submitted confirmation at the top of the timesheet

Note: once your timesheet is submitted, the My Time Entry page will default to the next pay period.