1. After accessing the timesheet using the My Timesheet link on the Mobile Dashboard, select the plus sign to add hours to the timesheet:

timesheet screen with plus sign at top right highlighted

2. The date will default to the current date; change the date if needed by clicking on the date field:

time entry window and calendar window that pops up if you click on date field

Note: clicking on a date in the calendar window will return you to the time entry window.

3. Click on the Pay Code field then click on the pay code for the entry:

pay code field selected, pay code drop down menu displays

Reminder: the pay codes listed will depend on your policy profile.

4. Click on the Hours field to open the hours entry window:

For elapsed time pay codes, enter the full three digit amount used then click done:

sick leave pay code selected hours field clicked on hours window with hours entered and done button highlighted

For in/out pay codes, click on Start Time, enter the full hour and minutes and select am/pm then click done, repeat the process with the End Time field:

work in out pay code with start and end times highlighted to show start time entry window and end time entry window with done buttons highlighted

Note: for shifts that cross midnight, select the appropriate day for the start or end time.

5. Enter comments if needed then click Done:

hours entered and done button highlighted

6. Click Timesheet to return to the timesheet:

time entry window with timesheet button highlighted

Note: edit will open the time entry window again for changes, copy will allow you to copy the entry to paste on other dates, and delete row will delete the entry.

timesheet showing time entered