Approvals in EmpCenter Mobile have a slightly different process than approvals in the Desktop version.

1. After clicking on Approve Timesheets from the supervisor dashboard, click on the employee you would like to review the timesheet for:

list of employees on approve timesheets page with arrow pointing to employee

2. Select Approve to approve the timesheet or Reject to send the timesheet back to the employee for adjustments:

approve timesheet for employee page with approve button highlighted

Note: click on View Timesheet if you need to see the details on the employee timesheet.

3.  Once you approve or reject the timesheet, you will be directed back to the Approvals employee list page - the timesheet will have a green dot if approved and a red dot if rejected:

approvals page with approved employee timesheet showing a green dot



If at any time you need to remove the approval, simply click on the employee's name again and select Withdraw:

approval page for employee with withdraw button highlighted