EmpCenter allows time off requests to be made up to 365 days from the current date.  The system will show your balance as of the current date, but you are responsible for ensuring you still have the time available when the leave occurs.

When a time off request is approved, EmpCenter will add the leave to your timesheet for the dates requested.

  1. Select My Time Off under Schedules on the Employee Dashboard:

    my time off link on dashboard

  2. On the My Time Off screen, select Create New Request:

    create new request button on my time off request page


    Note: any upcoming time off request will be listed on the Current tab; past requests can be viewed on the Past tab.

  3. Select Continue under Absences for Vacation, Sick, and Other:

    continue button on i need to request time off for page

  4. If you have more than one assignment, or job, you will first need to select the assignment you are requesting time off for.  The time off request will be sent to the supervisor for that assignment:

    choose the assignment you are requesting time off for if you have more than one job

    Note: if you only have one assignment, you will be immediately directed to the time off request page (step 5).

  5. Select Oregon Sick Leave from the Pay Code drop down list:

    oregon sick leave selected=

  6. Select the date(s) for the request and enter comments:
    1. Select the start and end dates for your leave request – either type in the dates or use the calendar icon; if you are only taking a partial day, you can change the number of hours in the next step:

      create time off select dates calendars

    2. Add comments, if needed, then click Next:

      comments entered and next button highlighted

      Note: if taking a partial day, be sure to include the time in the comments (e.g. “Doctor appointment, will be out 1pm-2pm.”) – you will still need to change the hours in the next step.

  7. On the Request Details page, make any changes to the hours listed; you can also add comments on this page if needed.

    request details page with hours defaulted in


    Hours will default in as a full day (8 hours). To adjust the hours click in the Hours column, enter the correct number of hours:

    adjust hours on request details page

    After changing the hours, click Update to update the request:


    request details page hours changed update button highlighted

  8. Once you have made all necessary changes, click Submit to send the request to your supervisor for review:

    submit time off request

  9. Click OK to return to the Request List page:

    time off request submitted click ok

  10. On the Request list page, you’ll see confirmation that the request was submitted. The request will be listed with a Status of Pending until your supervisor approves or rejects the request:

    my time off page with submitted request listed

    Note: you will receive an email from EmpCenter once your supervisor reviews the request.