If a student employee works more than 20 hours in a week, a yellow level exception will display on the timesheet:

student timesheet showing hours worked and yellow level exception for student working more than 20 hours in the week

The exception will trigger on each timesheet that hours over 20 for the week have been worked.  The system looks at all student jobs – including graduate positions – when calculating the hours worked for the week.  You can review time worked on all student jobs on the results tab:

student timesheet showing results tab listing all hours worked on all student timesheets

The work week is Sunday through Saturday; for weeks that cross a pay period you may need to change the pay period to view hours worked earlier in the week. 

Note: for graduate positions the work hours are assumed based on the position’s FTE and will not display in the results tab. 

If the hours worked are correct, acknowledge the exception to indicate you understand the policy.  Check the box to acknowledge then save your changes:

student timesheet showing the acknowledge exception box check and the save button highlighted

Once the timesheet is saved, the exception changes to an informational level message:

student timesheet saved after acknowledging the exception, now showing white informational exception

On EmpCenter Mobile the process is slightly different.  After accessing the timesheet, click on Messages at the bottom of the page:

student timesheet in empcenter mobile showing messages button on the bottom of the page

In the Messages window, you must click “Acknowledge this message” to indicate you have read the exception and understand the policy:

messages window showing exception and acknowledge this message which must be clicked to clear the exception

messages window showing message has been acknowledged