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Why is my leave balance in EmpCenter different then the leave balance on my Earnings Statement? (Salaried Employees)

For salaried employees, the leave information on your Earnings Statement lags a month behind while leave balances in EmpCenter are real time.

Note: Oregon Sick Leave (for students and temps) and Grad Sick Leave (for graduate students) does not show on the earning statement.  The accrual and balance is completely in EmpCenter.  If you have questions about your balance, please use the contact us link on the right to contact your Business Center.

Earnings Statement

On the Earnings Statement, the leave balances include leave taken the previous month, but do not include any leave taken during the current pay period. 

In the example below, the May 2017 Earnings Statement shows the employee used 8 hours of vacation in April (the previous month).  Any leave used in May (the current pay period) is not included anywhere in the leave balances.

May Earnings Statement with Leave Balances Highlighted

In addition, the leave balances on the Earnings Statement include the accrual earned on the last day of the month that is available to use the first of the next month.  In the above example, the employee accrued 8 hours of sick leave and 15 hours of vacation leave in May.  That accrued leave is available to use beginning June 1st. 


Since you record leave taken each month in EmpCenter, the leave balances are real time – there is no lag. 

On the leave balances tab in EmpCenter you see your current available balance for each leave type you are eligible for:

EmpCenter Leave Balances tab at the bottom of the timesheet showing the current available balances

Initial balance: the balance that was available at the end of the previous month.

Earned: the accrual from the last day of the previous month that is available to use on the 1st of the current month.

Taken: leave taken in the current month – this includes any upcoming pre-approved leave entered on the timesheet.

Ending balance: the balance currently available to use.

Note: the taken and ending balances can change throughout the month as you use leave.

The initial balance includes leave used in the previous month, which is not included on your Earnings Statement.  In the example above, the initial balance on June 1st includes any leave taken in May.  It does not include the accrual for May.  The accrual is listed separately on the earned line. 

For more information about the leave bank, click on the Show Details link.  The expanded leave bank will list the accrual for the month and any leave taken during the current month. 

In the example below, the employee has a total of 190 hours of vacation leave available on June 1st, which includes a starting balance of 175 plus 15 hours of accrual the employee earned for working in May.  Since May’s accrual is available for use on June 1st, it is shown in the Earned column with a date of 06/01.  You can also see the employee used 1 hour of vacation on 06/01, 1 hour on 06/02, and 8 hours on 06/30.

vacation leave bank with show details link clicked showing leave used during the pay period


Note: you can also see that the employee did not use any sick leave in May and the leave balance available (293) matches the amount on the earning statement.

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