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Essential Employees - Record Essential Time for Campus Closures

Reminder: if you are an essential classified employee and required to work on campus/other closed facilities during the closure, enter Essential Time in addition to your worked hours. See the Essential Time FAQ for more details.

See the OSU Alerts page for more information about the closure.

See the announcement for more information about recording hours for all other employees.

Be sure to check back frequently for new trainings.

EmpCenter Overviews

EmpCenter Dashboard Overview - Classified Exempt, Grad Student, Unclassified Exempt, Unclassified Non-exempt, and Unclassified Hourly policy profiles

EmpCenter Dashboard Overview - Classified Non-exempt, Classified Hourly, and Student/ Temp policy profiles

Employee Timesheet Overview

Supervisor Dashboard Overview

Policy Profile/Role Training

To find user guides and interactive training modules, select the link for your policy profile or role.

Classified Hourly

Classified Salaried Exempt

Classified Salaried Non-exempt

Grad Student

Students/Temps Hourly

Unclassified Hourly

Unclassified Salaried Exempt

Unclassified Salaried Non-exempt


Business Center

If you need to find your policy profile, detailed instructions can be found in the FAQs.

General User Guides:

All the guides below have been updated for EmpCenter 16.2

Holidays in EmpCenter

EmpCenter Keyboard Shortcuts (Hot Keys)

Protected Leave Guide

EmpCenter Guidelines

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