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How do I change my meal time?

Personal Leave and Exchange Time

Personal Leave and Exchange Time banks will clear at the end of June.  You have through June 30th to use any leave you still have.  See the Personal Leave FAQ and the Exchange Time FAQ for more details. 

EmpCenter will automatically add an hour meal for classified employees only on any day with 6 or more work hours (either clock or work in/out) entered on the timesheet.  The automatic meal punch can be overridden by a schedule assigned by the supervisor or the employee can change the amount directly on their timesheet.

To adjust a meal punch, simply type the correct elapsed time (e.g. .5, .75, 1.5) in the Hours field for the meal entry on the timesheet:

change meal time by clicking in the meal field and typing the correct elapsed time

If you work less than 6 hours in a day but took a meal, you can add meal to your timesheet.  Select Meal from the Pay Code drop down and enter the elapsed time (e.g. .5, 1, 1.5) in the Hours column:

select meal from the pay code drop down to add to timesheet

meal added to timesheet and saved


For instructions on adding rows, see the how to add/delete timesheet rows FAQ.

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